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Heathcote Bendigo Upper Gouldburn yarra Valley Cardinia Ranges
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Carlei Wines
Bringing together under the labels of Carlei Estate and Carlei Green Vineyards exceptional wines from Victoria's best wine regions.

Carlei Estate
Carlei Green Vineyards
Carlei Green Vineyards
Carlei Estate
Carlei Estate wines represent the pinnacle within our portfolio. They are individual vineyard wines made only in exceptional years, using fruit from very low yielding dry grown vineyards. As a result, they express the unique ‘terroir’ of each site; a combination of climate, soil and aspect that results in each wine having an individual personality. These are only available in very small quantities and are highly sought after.
Carlei Green Vineyards
Carlei Green Vineyards are regional wines made with fruit sourced from a number of vineyard sites. We have chosen areas that deliver both varietal and regional character, while multiple vineyards allow us to craft wines of consistent quality no matter what Mother Nature delivers. The range comprises five wines: Pinot Gris from the Cardinia Ranges, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from the Yarra Valley, Shiraz is out of Heathcote and Cabernet Sauvignon is Central Victorian.
Carlei Signature Blends
Sergio Carlei has drawn inspiration from some of the great wines of Italy, France and Australia to produce a range of wines that bear his signature touch. Each of the three wines are skilfully blended from three varieties and truly represent the individual expression of one man’s passion in pursuit of the perfect drop.

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