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Sergio CarleiSergio believes environmentally responsible viticulture is the best course for winemaking: “Soil to a vine is like blood to a human being. We know that toxins in the blood lead to all sorts of health problems in people and the same holds true for plants, toxic soil leads to improper vine health. Most importantly, cleaner vineyards allow the true flavours in the fruit to be expressed, which results in better-tasting and better balanced wines”.

Sergio's mission is to improve wine quality and optimise fruit flavours, the natural way; “If we look at biodynamic fruit, the tannins are richer and riper. These natural preserving agents soften with the ageing process and add complexity to the wine, that's the idea of ageing. The wines have real length and wonderful depth and as the vines get older, they will just get better and better.”

Others on Sergio

“One of my heroes of the wine world.”

Doug Frost, 7 January, 2004

“Sergio Carlei is as out there as any winemaker can be - biodynamic where possible and always hyper-passionate.”

Jane Faulkner, The Age, 14 January, 2006

“Sergio Carlei is a mad, passionate bio-dynamacist who crafts some of the most and often simply brilliant wines in Victoria.”

Stuart Gregor, Sunday Herald Sun, February 2006

“The golden touch of Carlei comes through in the newly released, beautifully packaged wines.”

James Halliday, The Weekend Australian 2006

“A subtlety, a finesse that is exceptional.”

James Halliday, The Weekend Australian 2006

“Year in & year out, Carlei is undoubtedly producing some of the finest wines coming out of Australia.”

Chuck Furuya, Master Sommelier, Honolulu, Hawaii

“Serge Carlei is one of Victoria’s best winemakers.”

Ralph Kyte Powell, The Age, November 2007



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